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Ignite Festival Camping Rules: 
1. All campsites, including Friday early arrival, will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. NO saving space will be allowed. Please arrive as a group if you want to be placed together. 


2. You will not be issued a campsite unless you have someone 18 years or older camping with you on the site. A photo identification will be required upon campsite assignment for the adult who will be camping for the duration of the festival. Parents cannot sign for a campsite unless they are staying at the site. 

3. All campers need to limit their driving to a minimum around the Ignite Festival area for safety reasons. You are allowed one vehicle per campsite. You can unload additional vehicles, but you will then be asked to move additional vehicles off the camping areas to the free offsite parking space provided. Please cooperate in keeping the site safe. 


4. First Aid is available at the medical tent from the hours of 11:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Water will be available for emergency purposes. If you have an emergency and the First Aid station is not staffed, Please call 911 and explain you are at the Ignite Festival- they will respond appropriate units to the festival grounds.


5. There are no showers provided at the Ignite Festival. 

6. All campsite fires must be kept small and contained in a grill, fire ring or ground container. The site should be left in the same condition as when you arrived. No cutting limbs or damaging trees to obtain fire wood. You are welcome to gather firewood from the ground only. Dry chemical fire extinguishers are available at each light pole in the campground area. 


7. Keep your campsite clean! All trash must be placed in the trash cans and dumpsters provided around the festival area. Use plastic bags and do not leave trash outside where animals can get at it. Please clean your camping area before exiting the area. 


8. Small generators can be used, but must be turned off at 1:00 am each evening. Keep fuel away from all fires. 


9. Camping sites are primative sites.  Whether you bring a Camper/RV or tent, all campsites are primative. All vehicles must be shut off while parked in the camping area. Large groups camping during the festival are encouraged to contact the Ignite Festival staff to reserve a site large enough for their group.  Please use the "contact us" link to your left.


10. Only vehicles with a numbered Ignite parking permit can park on the campsite. All vehicles parked in the camping area should remain parked and not be driven through the festival area during the festival unless needed for an emergency. Always drive slow in the park with extreme caution and below 5 MPH. 


11. There is a 1:00 AM quiet time for all campers. No loud radios, cd players, music or boom boxes are allowed after this time. No wandering through the camping areas after the 1:00 AM curfew. Individuals who disturb other campers or use abusive, indecent language will be asked to leave the festival. Security and Ignite Safety Staff are on-site 24 hours.  BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND 9 AM CALL 911 FOR ALL EMERGENCIES


12. No golf carts, dirt bikes, or other motorized vehicles (other than Ignite staff vehicles) are allowed at the festival.

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