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   Young people today are plagued by broken homes, poverty, abuse, violence, immorality, and hopelessness. America is failing to adequately reach the next generation and the magnitude of our failure is much greater than many realize. The Ignite Festival is an organization dedicated to the cause of providing a positive influence for high school and college students.


   The cost of the holding this annual festival is typically above $35,000. This cost includes procurement of national recording artists, renown youth speakers, professional sound, lighting and production staff, as well as all of the tents, restrooms, food, beverages and other logistics required to accommodate the hundreds of volunteers and thousands of attendees to the festival.


   The funds our organization receive through its sponsors provide an absolutely free festival where thousands of people join together and celebrate the love of God and learn how to embrace a positive influence and direction for their lives. You can donate by mailing us a check or clicking the PayPal link. 100% of your donation will support The Ignite Festival. Your gift can help make a significant difference in the lives of those attending the event.


Make checks payable to: 'Ignite Festival'

Send checks to:

   Ignite Festival

   c/o Watson Run Church 

   9985 S. Watson Run Road 

   Meadville, PA 16335 


   Any size donation is appreciated. Please consider a monthly recurring contribution! If you are making a large donation- or are interested in advertising opportunities at the festival (including signage, a booth in our vendor tent, stage announcements, social media mentions) click here to see benefits.

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