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This music festival is completely free, donations of any size are greatly appreciated!



Chris August
House of Heroes
Bread of Stone
Remedy Drive
Lily Among Thorns
Skylar Kaylyn
A Day Awaits

The Northside
Deep Valleys
Shai Boogie


Shadow of the Statue


Brandon Fox


Dr. Joe White

Joe White has authored twenty books including Gold Medallion Categorical Book of the Year, Pure Excitement and finalists,Wired by God and Spiritually Mentoring Teens. Joe was a two year starting defensive lineman for the Southern Methodist University Mustangs and coached football at Texas A&M. His undergraduate studies were in Pre-Medicine and he has been awarded two Honorary Doctorate Degrees in Education and Christian Ministry.

As a nationally renowned speaker, Joe has spoken to well-known groups including Promise Keepers, Focus on the Family Radio, Life on the Edge Conferences, Major League Baseball and National Football League Teams.

Joe is married to Debbie-Jo, and they have four children and eleven grandchildren. Joe currently resides in Branson, Missouri, and is the President of Kanakuk Kamps. In addition to Kanakuk Kamps, Joe has started other ministries including Men at the CrossAfter DarkPure ExcitementKanakuk Haiti and Kids Across America.

Pedro LaTorre

Pedro LaTorre was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Before the age of 6 he discovered that his greatest passion in life was to make others smile! However, he had many reasons not too. His parents were divorced at the young age of 7 and he didn’t know it then but his childhood would be marked by displacement and fear. Pedro witnessed two divorces before middle school and went to over
seventeen schools before college.

Pedro became the “Man of The House,” far too young. His nights were spent paralyzed in fear under his blankets because he felt unsafe and unsure of who would protect him. Greatness was the furthest thing from his mind. He struggled greatly with the labels that were put on him due to his poor academic performance. Pedro found peace and hope in the game of baseball and he happened to be pretty good at it, garnering the attention of several professional baseball teams in high school. He had a promising career as a pro-ball player ahead of him but with just one swing of the bat his dreams came to an abrupt stop. Pedro has taken all of life's curveballs and used them for good. His story is unique. His passion is unmatched. His love for students is changing the world.

Andy Kerr

Ignite welcomes back Andrew Kerr to speak at the festival! Andy Kerr lives in Erie, PA.Andy has experience working in youth ministry, college ministry and multi-site ministry.  He was involved in campus ministry for 3 years with the Coalition of Christian Outreach and Pastor at McLane church for 13 years. Andy is a professional Speaker/Trainer/Coach and currently the chaplain at the Erie City Mission.

Hunter Kallay

Hunter Kallay is a 17-year-old published Christian author with a unique, motivating message about the Gospel. In his book, "Plug in Your Life", he explains how to set goals that are in line with God's purpose for your life, and to pursue them entirely God's way in order to live the most fulfilling life that God has in store. In the back of his mind, he always wanted to be an author, but when his life was put on hold do to mononucleosis, he thought, "Why wait to do something great and pursue my dreams?" Hunter has two sisters and one brother, and he enjoys playing high school sports. Along with being an author, Hunter is a motivational/Christian speaker and is in pursuit of his spiritual coaching certification. He is looking to pursue a career as a pastor in the future.

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